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Tips To Deal With Your Dog's Behavioral Problems

Dogs have many behavioral problems, it is not related to a specific breed, but they are general problems that are found in many dog breeds.

Here are the most important 12 behavior problems that dogs are facing.

Dog's behavioral problems


All Dogs like digging, but actually you need to let your dog stop doing these actions. You need always Say “no” and refuse letting him digging, you can get him a toy instead. You can make a small trick to let your dog happy. Bring a sandbox and bury in it some toys, then give it to your dog to dig and you will see how happy he will be when he finds his toys.

Dog's behavioral problems


Dogs, especially puppies, are always trying to discover the world around them by chewing the things they saw around them, though chewing calm dogs but sometimes they chew wrong things like shoes and sock. They may harm themselves by swallowing socks by mistake. So, you have to buy chew toys and give them to your dog.

Our video here can help you train and redirect your puppy. Follow these tips from expert trainer to rid your dog of this annoying habit.


You have to train your dog to eat either on his crate or to go to a special place to sit while you finish eating. Don’t let your dog sit with you on the table to eat to avoid teaching him begging

4-Not coming when called

Always motivate your dog when she comes to you, whether you called or not. By this way you will train and teach her to come to you when called. Don’t only call her by her name but always follow her name by the command you want like “come” and “here”.

5-Pulling on the leash

What is more important to be done with dogs is to teach them to walk calmly beside you, always keep the leash short and loose. Stop walking when feel it is tight and don’t pull him and he will also stop to see why you are not moving. When your dog returns back to you reward him and start moving again. This way will teach him that pulling gets him nowhere

 Dog's behavioral problems

6-Separation anxiety

You have to train your dog that leaving him home alone is not a big problem. if you found teach your dog that you will always come back home in order not to let him upset. At the beginning don’t leave him more than 5 or 10 minutes and give him a chew toy in order not to feel bored, you can also turn on the TV or the radio to feel that everything is still the same as if you are at home. Always be calm when going out and when returning to let him feel that being alone is not a big deal.

7-Whining for attention

If you pumper your dog while whining so, are teaching her that this way works. You have to ignore her by leaving the room or folding your arms and look away as if you are not listening. Play with her and reward her when she is not whining.

 Dog's behavioral problems

8-Barking at the door

If your dog is barking because he is waiting to be greeted, so you have to teach him to behave well and park by picking a spot within sight of the door and train him to lie down and stay till you say ” go to your spot”. This training will keep your dog calm and learning to stop barking to be greeted


Dogs used to greet people by jumping, but actually it’s a bad greeting way. If you want to greet a dog so you have to wait till you see his front legs on the ground. You may also ask him to sit, and when he obeys you, go and pet him. You have to teach your dog to control his own emotion by these ways.


Dogs always bite when they are afraid or nervous so, you have to let your dog socialized and get acquainted to people. Always walk with her around to feel safe and trust people

 Dog's behavioral problems


Nervous and afraid dogs are always aggressive, if your dog is a always in a bad mood and nervous temper so, you have to visit a specialized vet who can train your dog to be relaxed and be healthy and to also be able to deal with you calmly. Never leave aggressive dogs with children

Our video here can help you learn how to calm your dog using a few calming signals. Check it out to see if our expert's advice works for you.

12-Barking all the time

Some dogs like to bark at anything and others bark when they feel depressed, don’t shout at your dog when he barks because it may make it worse. Obedience training is the best way to avoid your dog being depressed. It is better to work with a specialized trainer.

 Dog's behavioral problems

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