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Help Friendicoes, The Animal Rescue NGO Survive This Crunch

There are few sights more painful than seeing an animal limping around, hopeless and helpless. We can't help every animal on the road but we can help the NGOs that take up the monumental tasks that we as individuals or as a society fail at.

Most of these NGO get by with the help of charities and with volunteers or part time employees lending a hand. The work that they do silently goes a long way in the way of helping the animals stay off the road and find loving homes or caring shelters.

Friendicoes is one such animal rescue NGO (non governmental organization) that has been working diligently and without much fanfare helping, getting treated and sheltering injured and abandoned animals in Delhi since 1979.

Having spent all of 35 years in service of these voiceless friends of ours, Friendicoes has catered not only catered to the needs of abandoned or hit and run victims, but also helped with the Animal Birth Control (ABC) program for a huge number of stray dogs. 


All this has come at a cost - an aspect of the organization that they haven't been able to successfully master. Friendicoes is going through some serious financial trouble, and if help doesn't come soon, they may have to shut shop temporarily, or even permanently! 

Are we going to help these friends of the friendless? 

Here is an appeal that Friendicoes has posted on Facebook.

Posted on on 13th August


This post is not to create panic or to distress anyone but to bring the reality of the financial situation at Friendicoes to the public.

Many times in the past we have faced financial crisis but this is the worst by far. If we do not raise some funds quickly Friendicoes ambulance service and shelter is under serious threat of shutting down services if not permanently then at least for a period of time.

We just finished paying off the salaries for July. 

But we have 60 lakhs owed to medicine suppliers and another 12 lakhs to different food suppliers. That is a total of 72 lakhs plus a few more other odd bills.

Luckily or unluckily the fuel station do not give us any credit for ambulance fuel so we do not have any fuel bills due.
MCD owes us 30 lakhs for the spay/neuter program but even after adding that to the balance we still owe 42 lakhs+ to suppliers.

If we do not raise some funds quickly we will have no choice but to shut down all shelter services for a few months till we can balance the accounts.
If anyone wishes to help us but would like to pay the suppliers directly please drop us a mail to
For NEFT details are -
State Bank of India
Savings bank A/c.No.10151208004
IFSC -SBIN0007196
Branch code (07196)
Address -Flyover Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024

And people who wish to help with in kind donations here is the list-
1. Rice (we buy 3000 kgs rice/month)
2. Cleaning agents like lizol/phenyl.
3. Antiseptic liquid - dettol/savlon.
4. Milk (50ltrs/day)
5. Cotton rolls/ Syringe boxes
6. Medicine (we can provide you a list)

We hope you get through this little hiccup and continue your beautiful journey to a safe future for the ones that deserve it just as much as we do. And THANK YOU for all your efforts, no words can describe how much this means to so many people across the nation. Kudos to all of you at Friendicoes.

You know what to do, right?
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