Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How To Help Your Dog Learn How To Swim

While there will always be dogs who will take to water like the fish, you will also see those that hate swimming. Some try and see to fail repeatedly while some don't even find the need to try.

As a friend and guardian, it is your job to teach your dog how to swim and a few tips and a little guidance from an expert can go a long way towards helping you reach your goal.

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The important points here are:

1. Make sure that your dog is safe and is not going to get into trouble or have a bad experience.
2. Try to ensure he has a fun time and doesn't get too scared when he goes in for the first time.
3. Give the dog his/her own time and let them learn at their own speed, not at yours!
4. Stay calm and relaxed. Try not to keep calling your dog!
5. Let him build his own confidence. You can boost his encourage him by wading into the water yourself. Do not lead the dog into the water using a leash.  
6. Don't rush him because that way you'll scare him. The dogs know their own pace very well, let them work through even if it takes weeks or even months.
Not all dogs are naturally good swimmers:
The following dogs can all struggle:
       >> Heavy boned dog
       >> Very large breeds
       >> Muscle bound dogs
       >> Some dogs with very thick coats can also struggle.
All this while you'll need to remain calm and considerably detached. Use low energy and remain firm.

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