Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How To Stop And Redirect Your Dog From Chewing On Everything

How To Stop And Redirect Your Dog From Chewing On Everything In Sight? Do you always fear that your dear doggie will chew on your favorite pumps or your brand new furniture? If that is an aspect of your pet's behavior that you've been struggling with, you can get a few highly actionable tips from the video below.

As we all know that just like babies, puppies too love to chew .. on everything. Just like children, there need to be clear boundaries defined for your pup if you want him to be a self respecting, non-chewing dog. Again, just like children you will need to keep your calm and get about it in a no-nonsense way. One thing that you'll need to make sure is that you don't let the dog take control of the situation by becoming the center of attention.

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The important points here are:
1. Be gentle with very young puppies
2. Be confident and sure with older ones.
3. Set them up to win while not giving them too much attention. Redirect using a chew toy.
4. Repeat this and see if it helps. If not, try isolating the dog for a few hours. Just like a child's time-out, the puppy will learn to differentiate bad behavior from good.

All this while you'll need to remain calm and considerably detached. Use low energy and remain firm.

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